Monday, April 26, 2010

How to Succeed In Planet Antares Vending Business

Planet Antares Vending is a very simple business that has been successful in providing several employment opportunities for new and upcoming young entrepreneurs. Just like any other business, success cannot be taken for granted in vending business. Immediately after you have decided to take up this business, you first move would be to conduct a through market research and learn about the intricacies of this business.

Operators need to set a realistic goal for themselves and regularly track their success in comparison to set goal. After setting a goal your next move would be to plan carefully. This planning includes several aspects including your target segment, products would you like to vend (whether you would you stick to single product or try multiple products), the equipment you need, your monetary limitations, the place where you would install your machines and selection of appropriate software if required.

Once you have decided to take up this business, your next move is to decide on how much you would like to invest. Now you need to identify a right location for installing your machine. Finding an ideal vending location is quite challenging. A thorough market research can help you in this regard. Try to find out how many similar operators exist in that locality, kinds of machines used by them, products offered by them and how well the area is populated. All this information would be the basis for establishing your vending business.

Besides location and products to be vended, operators should also give due priority to proper maintenance of vending machines. Maintenance here would include regular servicing of the machine, refilling the machine on time, replacing outdated or expired products and collecting cash on time. You might delegate some of these works to an operator but one thing that is important is that you need to manage all these works personally, in order to make sure that everything is done promptly on time.

Proper planning and careful approach can help you reach your goals.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Planet Antares Vending Machine Business Highly Profitable Business Opportunity

Modern man is too busy with his day to day activities that he hardly has anytime left to wait in long queues. This is the main reason why we tend to look for quick and simple ways of accomplishing our task. In this quest for convenience and comfort, we have come across with vending machines.

Most of us are aware of the fact that vending machine are renowned world wide and are use for dispensing almost all kinds of products and services. This is another reason why customers are lured towards using these machines. Vending operators on the other hand are drawn by the endless benefits it offers to them.

Is earning high returns is your objective? To achieve this, make sure you place the right product in the right machine and in a right location. It is easy to sell branded products as most customers prefer branded products since they are faster and cheaper. If you are selling unbranded products alone, you need to take up some promotional activities to boost your sales. So, a smart vending operator would offer both branded and unbranded products together.

Planet Antares Vending operators should bear one thing in mind. Try to find the best supplier who can offer you best supplies. The products offered for sale should match the location in which the machine is placed. A proper balance of branded and unbranded products is always beneficial.

Technological advancements and innovative features of vending machines make this a very easy business to handle. In fact this is the only business model that does not ask for any specific skills or requirements thus allowing almost anyone to start his/her own business. All the operator needs to do is purchase new vending machines, refill them with right product, install them in potential locations, service them on a regular basis and monitor the movement of products. This is done properly can prevent wastage of products and thus help in boosting sales.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Reasons for Growing Planet Antares Vending Machine Business Popularity

Vending as we all know is one of the very simple business models. This business does not ask for any specific skills or expertise. So, anyone can start this business on his own. In fact these machines are available in various shapes and sizes which makes it easy to install almost anywhere. You can even operate them from your residence without forgoing any of your comforts.

However, these machines were not always as popular as they have become now. In the beginning these machines were used to dispense holy water in Egyptian temples. As people began to realise its benefits they started accepting them. Not only thing hectic lifestyles of people have forced them to look for instant and convenient options. What can be more perfect than vending machines?

During the initial period of its introduction, the first thing that strikes the mind of people when we talked of vending machine was a food and snack vending machine. These machines were of great use to people since they provided instant and ready to eat snacks in them. Gradually more and more products have started being dispensed in these machines.

In fact vending machines have developed to such an extent that they even sell DVD, mobiles and insurance policies. You name a product and you will definitely find them in a vending machine. One more interesting fact about these machines is that although they have been recognised across the globe, their dependency is most in US. Perhaps there is no other business model that generates as much revenue as vending machine business does in US.

Another unique feature of Planet Antares business is that it is least effected by recession or other economic downturns. We would be proud to state that vending is the only industry that has been able to provide plenty of employment opportunities to several young and upcoming entrepreneurs despite severe recession.

These features and benefits are the main reasons for increasing popularity of vending machine business.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

How to Start Vending Machine Business – Planet Antares Tips

Although vending is a very simple and easy to operate business, it also requires proper planning and strategic moves to become successful. In case you are new to this industry, then a lot of questions may be haunting you. Few tips that can help you in this venture are mentioned below:

• The first and foremost step before starting any business is thorough/detailed market research. This provides you with information about present market condition, competitor’s strategies, customer needs and latest technology available.
• Now that you have decided to take up vending business, chose a product that you would like to dispense. There are several products available in the market and selection of product would depend on target customers. For instance: if you are targeting kids, then you can vend gum balls, candy, ice creams, chocolates and plastic toys.
• After finalising the product you would like to sell, choose the right kind of machine. Various models of vending machines are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Choose the one that meets your business and financial requirements.
• Decide where you would like to place your machines for maximizing your profits. Machines should be placed in such a way that they are easily accessible and clearly visible to customers.
• In case you are unable to select a machine on your own, you can take the help of a placement companies. These not only help you in choosing vending location but also take you through process and also assist you in times of emergency.
• Know your financial and physical limitations before setting up machines. Start on a small scale and expand gradually. This is an ideal way of doing business. Do not take up more than what you can handle. This can leave you stressed out and also you cannot provide justification to the work you have taken up.

These can help you in starting your business and also running it successfully

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Start Your Planet Antares Vending Machine Business with New Machines

Vending is a very simple and profitable business if only you know the intricacies of its operation. We often see that most of the times operators spend lot of money in starting a business but tend to compromise when it comes to purchasing of a vending machine.

The most common issue with new operators is that they get lured by attractive and misleading ads given by companies trying to sell their used vending machines. The only benefit as it may seem purchasing a used machine is that it costs less when compared to a Planet Antares new machine. However this is not true. Used machines have been subjected to a lot of wear and tear by its previous users and hence have more chances for a break down.

Which machine do I need to purchase? This is a very common question that keeps haunting most operators who are new to this field. Let us look at the benefits of purchasing new vending machines. This can help you in finding answers to all your queries.

• Latest features: Technology advancement can be witnessed in the progress made in vending industry. Several models of vending machines are introduced into the market and most of these come with latest and advanced features. All these would definitely aid in boosting the sales of your business.

• Efficient and reliable: Since new vending machines come with inbuilt features they are highly efficient and effective in terms of performance.

• Worth every penny invested: Operators are only under the myth that new vending machines are expensive in comparison to used ones. This is definitely not true in the long run as operators end up spending huge money on maintenance and repairs of used machines. Moreover operators can even go for basic models of vending machines that do not cost more but at the same time are highly efficient.

• Warranty: The main advantage of purchasing a new vending machine is that they come with warranty. So even if something goes wrong during the warranty period, the company takes care of it.

These benefits would definitely prompt you to purchase a new vending machine in stead of a used one.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Two Sides Of Vending Business – Planet Antares

“Every coin has two sides” this saying holds good even for vending business. We have often been hearing that vending is an ever growing business that is least affected by fluctuating markets and economic crisis. Perhaps this is the only business that has been able to provide several unemployed with employment opportunities even during severe recession. All these facts make this business highly popular among the business world. Some of the benefits of taking up this business are:

• Absolutely Zero employees: Vending does not require you to employ any sales personnel. Your machine is your salesman and takes care of everything.

• Complete cash business: In other businesses there is every possibility of running into bad debts. But since vending is a complete cash business, you can generate revenue right from day one of installation of the machine. Since all transactions take place through cash there will not be any issues with credit card acceptances etc.

• Start up cost: This business does not require huge floor space and your major investment goes into purchasing the machine. Hence start up cost is less when compared to other businesses.

However, vending industry also faces two main challenges. These are:

• Repairs and breakdowns: In case you purchase a used or refurbished machine, they are more prone to repairs and frequent break downs. It is advisable that the operator knows how to fix minor problems. This will prevent inoperative machines for a long time and thus prevent you from losing customers.

• Location: Identifying the appropriate location may not always be possible. More over areas with high customer traffic have huge competition. This can have negative impact on your sales and profitability.

An able and eminent operator who finds ways to overcome these hurdles is sure to taste success in this business.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Vending Nutritious Food – Planet Antares Promotions

Although there are several locations with heavy customer traffic, schools have always remained preferred choice for vending operators. There has been some debate on this issue in the recent past mainly due to growing obesity concerns in children. It is quite shocking to know that majority children have fallen prey to obesity.

This has raised alarm in schools and among parents. Vending machines were amongst the first to be blamed for this crisis situation. In order to accommodate changing trends and shift towards healthier vending, operators are advised to dispense only healthy snacks and food items in machines installed in schools. This is quite challenging task as it becomes almost impossible to place both healthy and less healthy items next to each other and encourage students to purchase only healthy food.

How can this be achieved? Customer education is the only option left with vending operators. As obesity is a growing problem, the trend towards healthy vending is not just limited to schools but even expanding towards adults. In case you own a vending business operator, how can you mould this situation to your advantage? The answer is quite simple. Besides offering items, operators need to offer wide assortment of nuts, dried fruit, trail mixes, nutrition bars, yogurt bars, and meal replacement bars, several new introductions are made every month. Low calorie cookies, candy bars and baked black bean chips are also offered for sale.

Healthy food items like healthy cereal, corn flakes, salads and combo meals need to be dispensed in your machine. In fact few schools are introducing soymilk and juice vending machines from Planet Antares as a replacement to junk food machines. Vending machines are even offering vitamins, minerals, trace elements and several other pills in vending packs.

. With more and more customer switching to healthy foods, vending machine operators need to identify new methods for increasing varieties of healthy items in their vending machines.

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